Summer Hair Mask Recipe

Hi my loves! Recently I tried out a Hair Mask Recipe that I found online and I thought I would repost it for any of my readers who feel like their hair is not at the top of it’s game right now. I know in the summer my hair often feels dry because of constantly having it in water, so I found a DIY hair mask that can help combat some of those tresses. Best part is? It only takes 3 ingredients!

Step 1: Collect your Ingredients 

  • 1/2 of an avocado
  • 2 egg yolks
  • olive oil

Step 2: Mix the Ingredients & Apply

  • Put all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix them together. Make sure to whip them up so they make a smooth cream texture.
  • Apply to your hair & Keep the Mixture in for about 15 min
  • Make sure your hair is dry when applying the mask
  • Wrap your hair in sandwich wrap or pull your hair into a bun and cover it with a plastic bag so that your hair doesn’t stain or damage anything around you.

Step 3: Rinse

  • After rinsing, I added some deep conditioner by Garnier Fructis to really lock in the moisture.
  • I also brushed my hair through which is CRUCIAL, for this mask to really work because you want all the product to be distributed evenly.

Image result for avocado hair mask

After you have finished all the steps… Ta-Da! Your hair should be feeling smooth and recharged with moisture and shine added. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I will see you all soon for my next one!




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