Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics

Hi my loves! Today’s post is going to be a Brand Focus on Benefit Cosmetics. I’ve been using Benefit for a while, and it has been one of my favorite brands at Sephora since I started shopping there. Today I want to share with you five products that I really love from Benefit that I think you should all try out too 🙂

Boing Concealer

I absolutely love this concealer from Benefit because it’s in a pot, so it has a very thick texture compared to a liquid. While many might not like thick concealers, it’s amazing for spot covering pimples or dark spots. Also, despite being thick it’s very blend-able and it doesn’t look cakey.

They're Real! Mascara

Another cult favorite of mine from Benefit is this mascara. Personally, I don’t try an overwhelming amount of higher end mascaras because I find that ones from the drugstore are just as good and are half the price, however I think this product is a stand out. I love how it both lengthens and volumes my lashes, without having to comprise one or the other. Personally, I love thicker looking lashes and this does the job, so if you have the same preference you will love this product!

The POREfessional Face Primer

I feel like most beauty lovers have tried this product, but if you haven’t, I highly suggest it. This is a great face primer, with a slightly silicone feel, which I truly prefer because it makes my skin feel more prepped for make-up. Also, it minimizes pores as it says in the title, so it makes a flawless canvas in a simple step.

Hoola Matte Bronzer

Another classic Benefit product is the famous Hoola Bronzer. I have had the same packaging of this bronzer for a while now and I still have so much product left which is amazing. This has been one of my all time favorite bronzers and it doesn’t leave my skin looking muddy which some bronzers tend to do for me. If this color looks too dark for you to contour with however, they now have the Hoola Lite which is perfect for lighter skin-tones!

Watts Up! Cream to Powder Highlighter

I first discovered this product as a sample from Sephora points a while back, and I have still loved it as much as I did back then. Since then, I upgraded to a full size but this is a great cream highlighter regardless. Personally, I have been leaning more towards powder highlighters because I like the feel of them better, however this is a great cream product that does dry down as a powder which is the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Thank you all for reading today’s post! I’d love to know your favorite Benefit products down below ❤




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