My Birthday Wishlist

Hello my loves! This Friday is my Birthday, and with that, always comes a couple items that I would love to treat myself with in honor of me turning 19 years old. If you’re a May Baby like I am, check out my list of Birthday Items that I would love to receive or if you’re a friend or family member of a May Baby this will apply to you too 🙂

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Image result for stan smith

I’m absolutely in love with my Adidas Superstars, but I love the classic all white tennis shoe that the Stan Smith’s provide, with a little pop of color on the ankle.

Steve Madden Mules

Mules are all the rage again, and these rose colored ones from Steve Madden are perfect for any casual or dressy outfit for the Spring/Summer!

Record Player

Image result for record player tumblr

I have always wanted a vintage record player not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but because the sound on them is UNBEATABLE. Plus, collecting records is a really cool thing in my opinion, and virtually every album now comes on vinyl so it’s actually quite practical if you think about it.

Nars NARSissist Loaded Eyesahdow Palette

I mean just look at this palette.. need I say more?

Margiela "Replica" Fragrance

Everyone has been talking about the Margiela “Replica” Fragrances and I would love to be gifted one for my birthday. Something about scents as presents is always so timeless to me, and I love a good perfume. This one is supposed to replicate the scents of a Beach Walk and I’m 100% down for that.

The Weeknd Starboy Collection

The Weeknd Starboy Photo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I’m seeing The Weeknd on my birthday, so obviously I have to rock some cool merch! Plus, his merch is pretty fashion forward if I do so say myself. You can buy his merch exclusively at his shows or on retailers like Urban Outfitters’ and PacSun’s websites.

That is all for my B-Day Wishlist for this year, I hope you’re all having a lovely week and I am very excited to be turning 19 tomorrow 🙂 Happy Belated if your birthday was this month or if your Birthday is coming up, here’s a quick shoutout to all my fellow Taurus’!

My last post as an 18 year old 🙂




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