What I Eat in A Day

Hi my loves! One of my passions besides beauty and fashion is eating right, and lately I’ve been on a major health kick. I’m not fully vegan or vegetarian or plant based, however I’m slowly getting my diet on track so I can live healthily. I thought I would share with you all my tips for how to snack and eat healthily throughout the day, without too much of time consumption!


Image result for oatmeal with fresh fruit

One of my favorite breakfasts is oatmeal with fresh fruit. Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with eating oatmeal every morning. Now, I like to make traditional oatmeal with some water or almond milk along with raisins, cinnamon, honey, and fresh fruit. My favorite fruit to add are strawberries but you can add any berry or fruit that you’d like! Also, if you’re in a time crunch try doing “overnight oats” which are oats that you let soak in almond milk overnight and ta-da they are ready to go in the morning, no cooking required!


I love to eat yogurt as a snack everyday because it’s tasty and it fills me up before lunch. I LOVE Chobani Greek Yogurts but any Greek yogurt would be a good choice. My favorite flavor is the mixed berry and I like to add granola and raisins for a little topping.

Image result for chobani yogurt with granola


For lunch, I usually go for pretty much anything. I’ll make either a tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich in pita bread or I’ll just snack on something simple like hummus. I love to eat hummus with pita chips and some lemon water for an easy lunch meal.

Image result for hummus and pita


Another classic snack of mine is fruit and peanut butter. It’s so quick and easy to cut up a banana and apple and dab a little peanut butter on the plate. The PB gives you some protein and adds a little spice to just eating fruit alone. I also love to swap out the peanut butter on occasion for almond butter, it’s just as tasty and it has more crunch!

Image result for peanut butter apple and banana


For dinner, it’s often ever changing, but one of my favorite meals consist of salmon, brown rice, and mixed veggies. Salmon is such a lean yet filling fish, and brown rice is always a great alternative for white rice or a starch. In terms of veggies they’re obviously healthy, but I love to switch veggies up or mix them together, like red peppers and broccoli.

Image result for salmon with rice and vegetables


For desert, my favorite thing to do is eat a little bit of ice cream. I recently tried the Talenti Gelatto and it’s delicious! It’s just as tasty as Ben & Jerrys but it’s a lot less fattening and sweet. One of my favorite flavors is the Raspberry Cheesecake Geltatto!

Image result for talenti raspberry cheesecake

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post 🙂 While I love to write about fashion and beauty, it’s always fun to switch it up and talk about some lifestyle topics as well. Let me know if you have any signature food staples because I’m always willing to try new things! Have a happy Thursday and I will see you all on Sunday ❤




2 thoughts on “What I Eat in A Day

  1. Love this post. Your food looks really delicious. I too am neither fully plant based or vegan, but I try to eat as natural and healthy as possible. I love protein pancakes, grilled french toast with frozen fruit warmed into a sauce. I also make a smoothie everyday and I like making vegetable tomato sauces to go with things like pasta.

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