Brand Focus: Kat Von D

Hi my loves! Welcome back to another Brand Focus 🙂 I really enjoy doing these posts, which is why I’m back with another one of my favorite brands. Kat Von D is a make-up brand that I have been using for a while, and I’ve always appreciated her brand. I believe that Kat Von D is very innovative with the way her products are packaged and marketed, which is why I’ve always felt drawn to them (and they’re vegan/cruelty free!). Today I’m going to give you all a small list of the products from this brand that I have been loving!


Everelasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita and Bow & Arrow -$20

One of my favorite products from the Kat Von D beauty brand is her liquid lipsticks. Personally, I’m very picky with my liquid lipsticks because they’re my favorite formula. I love a good liquid lip that is opaque, not too drying, and longwearing. The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are some of my favorites I’ve tried and Lolita/Bow & Arrow are two beautiful shades!


Tattoo Liner in Trooper- $20

This product is seriously one of my all time favorites. It has been a staple and holy grail in my collection since middle school, which says a lot because I love to switch up my products. This liner stays on so well without smudging, fraying, or losing color. The applicator is a thin, felt tip brush, which allows me full control to create thick or thin lines. This is everything you could want in a liner for sure.

Ink Liner in Trooper- $20

Okay, so funny story as to why I have two different liquid liners in this Brand Focus. I have tried both of Kat Von D’s liquid liners mistakenly, but I love them both! I accidentally purchased her Ink Liner instead of her Tattoo Liner once and I could barely tell the difference! The only thing I see differently with this liner is the applicator, it’s still a felt tip, but it’s thicker. If you prefer a serious cat-eye, give this eyeliner a go because it’s going to give you that thick, sharp wing. However, if you prefer a softer or more controlled look, opt for the Tattoo Liner. Both formulas work great and are very long lasting! Even though I prefer the tattoo liner simply because of the brush shape, this product deserves honorable mention.


Image result for kat von d shade and light contour

Shade & Light Contour Palette- $46

Of course, I had to include the holy grail product of Kat Von D’s: her Shade & Light palette. I got this palette for my birthday last year, and I still constantly find myself gravitating towards it. For my skin tone, the contour colors work so well because I’m already quite tan. I often have problems finding contour or bronzing powders that work well with my skin because they can come off too orangey with my already darker complexion. This palette adds a great mix of cool and warm contour shades that make it an absolute staple.

Lock-it Concealer- $25

I have yet to try the Lock-it foundation, which is next on my list, but if it’s anything like this concealer.. it must be amazing. I love this concealer for days when I don’t want to wear any face makeup besides concealer because it does a great job at covering up blemishes, redness, darkness, anything you might want to conceal. This isn’t the thinnest concealer I’ve tried so be prepared for some heavy duty coverage, but it won’t leave you cakey and it is AMAZING for dark circles or spot treatments. I also found it quite interesting that you can even conceal tattoos with this product. While I don’t have any tattoos (yet), that is something I’d love to test out for fun with this product!

Lock-it Makeup Setting Mist- $14

I am a sucker for a good make-up setting spray, and I love the Kat Von D version. It’s not a very heavy mist, like the Urban Decay Setting Spray for example, so it’s not going to leave your face feeling super tacky. However, it’s perfect if you prefer a lighter setting spray that still keeps your skin looking refreshed and your make up spotless. It also has a dewy finish which is great for my dry skin type. If you have oily skin I would probably recommend the Urban Decay De-Slick because it’s less dewy but overall I love this setting spray!

I hope you all enjoyed this Brand Focus post and I will be back soon for another one. I’m trying to do at least 1-2 Brand Focuses a month but there are so many brands and so many products to try that hopefully I can do just that 🙂 Thank you all for reading and I will see you all on Thursday’s post.




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