OOTD: 3/28/17

Hi my loves! Today I’m doing a blog post on what I wore to a formal ceremony today. I often find it difficult to put together an outfit for an event that is formal and conservative without looking overdressed or ostentatious. Whether you are going to a formal dinner, a service of some kind, an evening party,  or just a day at the office, I hope my outfit helps you out in figuring out just what to wear for a special or professional occasion.



Whenever I’m in doubt, I always opt for a black dress. LBD’s are something that you can’t go wrong with, which is why they are such a staple to have in a collection. The LBD I chose is from Forever 21 and it was only $14.90! The quality of the material is thick, so it’s able to keep me warm and covered since the ceremony I went to was both indoors and outdoors. The length of this dress is also appropriate, and the loose flowy skirt allowed comfort but also an appropriate length for any outing that is meant to be conservative.


Longline Open-Front Cardigan

I have spoken about this long overcoat, also from Forever 21 on my blog twice now, but I can’t get enough of it. They were out of stock of this overcoat for a while, but I was able to find it again so I don’t have to link you all to a similar one like I had to in my previous posts (yay!). Not only can this coat be used for informal occasions, but it also doubles when you need to look professional or conservative. The coat is warm enough to keep me covered but it’s perfect to wear in the light breeze of spring weather.


Wedge-Heel Sandal  - New York & Company

I always love to wear heels for any special occasion, but for a formal event, I do find it best to stick with a low heel. I found these beauties at NY&C for only $20 when I was shopping with my mom. I never look to stores that my mom shops at like NY&C, Express, Loft, etc. because I always feel like they’re too mature for me, but if you’re looking for formal attire don’t be afraid to step out of your usual shopping comfort zone.

As always, thank you all for reading another one of my blog posts. I appreciate every single one of you so much. I hope this helped anyone who is preparing for a formal event. I will see you all in my next blog post on Thursday. Hint Hint: It’s going to be a monthly favorites! 🙂




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