10 Essentials That Every College Student Must Have

Hi my loves! Today I wanted to focus my blog post on something that is close to my life aside from beauty and fashion: college. I’m a college student like many of my readers I assume, and even though I’m near in completing only my first year there are a few essentials that I have compiled as the school year comes to a close that I think are must haves for every college student.

Keurig or Coffee Machine

Regardless if you live at home and commute to school or if you live on campus, you need a coffee machine of your own. My university’s campus has two Dunkin’Donuts’, an Einstein’s Bagels, and an Au Bon Pain which is excellent… until you realize you’ve spent $60 on coffee and bagels in the last month. My biggest advice is to invest in your own coffee machine and just brew the coffee yourself. If you love iced coffee like myself, Starbucks sells instant iced coffee packets that you can personalize yourself!

Shower Caddy

When I was living on campus, a shower caddy was my best friend. I had communal bathrooms my first semester, and it saves a lot of hassle to just have all of your shower supplies in one convenient place. Even if you don’t share a bathroom, your shower is most likely small either way and if you have a lot of bathroom products like I do, you’ll want somewhere to keep them all organized.

A Surge Protector With USB Ports

My dorm room last semester had 2 major outlets with 2 ports in each. While this seemed like enough at first, I quickly learned that I needed way more outlets for my firefly lights, desk lamp, IPhone charger, IPad charger, and Laptop charger, among other things. A surge protector with USB ports is even more amazing because you can use them to charge things like your electronics which saves room for certain chargers that are not detachable to USB’s.

A Mattress Topper

My dorm bed last semester wasn’t terribly uncomfortable, but now I know for sure next semester that I need a mattress topper. My roommate had one and I didn’t, and touching her bed versus sleeping in mine proved a huge difference.

Storage Bins

I can’t stress enough how important storage containers, organizers, bins, whatever you want to use! Dorms room often don’t have enough space as is, so buying as many storage containers as possible are going to save you so much stress of feeling like your room is a toxic waste dump of clothes, school supplies, and left over Chinese food. Or was that just mine?

A Bed Sham

Keeping in line with the storage, a bed sham is so key to keeping your room looking clean. I had storage containers under my bed, and I didn’t want everyone seeing them so I used a bed sham to keep that space private.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones are a must have in college for obvious reasons, but ones that are noise cancelling are even better. Brands like Beats by Dr. Dre have amazing noise canceling headphones that allow you to listen to music without interruptions.

Sleep Mask

I never used a sleep mask before, but in college they’re a really  nice thing to have. In my bedroom at my parent’s house, I had light blocking curtains which kept my room dark even in the mornings. At college though, my curtains were paper thin so I got in every ounce of light in the morning which woke me up far too early on many occasions.

No Slip Hangers

If you’re a clothes hoarder like I am, you can’t part with half your closet when moving into college. Velvet, no slip, hangers are perfect to maximize closet space in a minimal area.

Plug-in Air Freshener

My roommate and I got so many compliments on how great our dorm room smelled because of her plug-in air freshener. This is probably a product that you wouldn’t really think twice about, but it actually makes a huge difference. Dorm rooms can get stuffy and there is nothing better than coming home to a great smelling room.


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