Sick Day Essentials

Hello my loves! I’ve pretty much been sick this entire week with a horrible cold so I wanted to compile a little list of beauty and non beauty products that I love to use when I have my sick days and want to give myself a little get-well-soon pampering. Hopefully these help anyone else out because I know we are entering allergy season and this is prime time for some pampering.

Yes to Cucumbers Under Eye Mask

Image result for yes to cucumbers soothing eye mask

Under eye masks are amazing for when you’re feeling tired, sick, or just want to give yourself a little pampering. These under eye masks are from Ulta and they come with a paper mask followed by an eye cream to help de-puff and hydrate the under eyes. I know the dark circles under my eyes are always prominent when I’m sick and if you have allergies, puffy under eyes are usually a symptom. Treat your under eyes well!

Yogi Detox Tea

Image result for yogi tea

When you’re not feeling your best, tea is always the key to getting better. I drink tea on a daily basis anyway, but when I’m sick I love a good detox, chamomile, or honey/lemon tea. I love the Detox Tea by Yogi because it’s organic and it helps clean out the body when it doesn’t feel so good.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Mint Julips

I suffer from chronic dry lips, especially in the winter, but when I’m sick the dryness gets even more intense. A nice, soothing, lip scrub is perfect like this one from Lush to gently remove dead skin. It’s even edible if you want to lick it off instead of scrubbing it!

Lush Bath Oil in Ceridwen's Cualdron

Ceridwen's Cauldron

I recently ordered this bath oil on the Lush website before I was even sick and I’m so glad I did! This bath oil melt is made for irritated or dry skin which often happens when it’s cold and I’m feeling under the weather. I used this the other night when I had body aches and the oats, sandalwood, and lavender calmed my muscles!

I hope this little post talking about my favorite sick-day essentials has helped any of you and I encourage you to try them! If you live on the east coast like I do, stay warm this weekend and I will see you all in my next post on Tuesday. 🙂






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