I made a Youtube Channel…and it’s pretty funny

Hi my loves! Wednesdays are not my usual blogging day, but I wanted to write this quick announcement asking you guys to please check out my best friend and I’s Youtube Channel! On Monday we spontaneously decided to film a Youtube video (excuse our appearances) since we are both on Spring Break and were bored and ended up playing The Bean Boozeled Challenge! If you know anything about this challenge, you know it’s pretty hysterical and very disgusting at the same time. Sara and I would love if you checked out or channel and I think my Youtube Channel will be a great way for me to also connect with you guys besides through my blog! We will be posting challenges, lifestyle videos, and vlogs which is a little different from my fashion/beauty blog here on WordPress. Last night the video was finalized and uploaded so I will embed it here for you to check out. Thank you all for your support and I will be back tomorrow with a regularly scheduled beauty post!


Here’s a picture of Sara and I literally gagging because the flavor we had was so disgusting LOL 🙂

Thank you all for reading as always. Any views, comments, likes, or subscriptions would mean the world to us!

Happy Humpday and International Women’s Day!




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