3 Online Clothing Stores You Need to Check Out

Hello my loves! Today I’m talking about 3 online stores that I think everyone who’s into fashion should be checking out. I love shopping at places like Zara, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters among others because I love the satisfaction of in-person shopping. However, these online stores are absolutely amazing. The sales that they also have going on right now are unbeatable, so I had to make a blog post to spread the word! Enjoy ❤

Nasty Gal

Image result for nastygal logo

If you have been a reader of my blog, you would know I have a love for Nasty Gal’s CEO Sophia Amoruso, which is why of course this online store had to make an appearance. If you’re blessed enough to live in California where there are Nasty Gal physical stores, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us fashionistas though, we have to settle with online shopping which is totally fine by me. Nasty Gal has unique pieces that cater to many different types of style but it is heavily influenced by vintage fashion where it originated. It also carries high fashion brands like Jeffery Campbell right at your fingertips.

Style Classification: Vintage Inspiration meets Current Style

Website: Click


Image result for asos

ASOS is an online British clothing company that specializes in current fashion from a plethora of brands among it’s own. I love ASOS because I love European fashion, which I usually get from Topshop but with a more expensive price tag. ASOS always has amazing deals going on that won’t break your budget which is why I consider them a great alternative. Another thing that I adore about ASOS though, is their marketplace feature. This tab on the website allows you to shop vintage directly from hand-picked boutiques. This is monumental for the online shopper because there aren’t many vintage websites available. ASOS gives the perfect blend of current and vintage shopping all on one site!

Style Classification: Current Style with a European flair

Website: Click


Image result for missguided

I love me some girl power, and Missguided surely brings that. If you click on the about section, you’ll see their mission is to clothe us millennial girls with styles that will empower us. If that doesn’t make you want to shop here, just check out the sales. Missguided always has amazing deals and they have current fashion influenced by social media, street style, and pop culture. If you see an amazing street style outfit on Instagram, odds are one of the pieces are from Missguided.

Style Classification: “Instagram Model” in Real Life

Website: Click

As always, thank you all for reading. I love online shopping, so I will definitely be making a sequel to this blog post since I love finding new places to buy my clothes at. Happy shopping!




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