My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Hello my loves! Today I’m doing a blog post on some of the most recent healthy snacks that I have fallen in love with. This new year, I have been focusing on eating healthy and exercising three times a week which has really helped my overall health. I encourage you all to eat healthy and exercise when you can but I know the transition can be difficult, which is why I decided to write about these healthy snacks that taste delicious but are much healthier than some of the other alternatives! Enjoy 🙂

health food blog post 6.jpg

Bear Naked Cinnamon Granola:


I absolutely love the Bear Naked Granola in the Original Cinnamon Flavor. This granola is full of protein and also has seeds, real bits of cinnamon, and berries added to it as well. I love adding this granola in my yogurts of acai smoothie bowls!

Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn:

health food blog post 2.jpg

This popcorn has only 35 calories per cup and is made of all real, simple ingredients. It doesn’t contain too much sodium and it’s tasty with no gluten or GMO like some other popcorn brands.

Good Health Baked Sweet Potato Chips:

health food blog postt 4.jpg

Sweet Potato Chips are much healthier than regular Lays chips, and they’re cooked with Sea Salt and 100% Real Sweet Potatoes, which means no artificial ingredients!

LaraBar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites:

health food blog post 3.jpg

These Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites are AMAZING. They’re vegan, kosher, non-gmo, and much much more. They’re made with dates and cocoa powder instead of real chocolate but they taste just as sweet! i love a handful for a sweet after dinner treat.

Kind Almond Walnut Macadamia Nut Bar:

health food blog post 1.jpg

I love the Kind granola bars because they’re all natural and contain 10 grams of protein. They taste yummy and they fill me up on the go, unlike some of the other protein or granola bars I’ve tried in the past. They come in so many different flavors and they’re the best quick snack!

Thank you all for reading and I hope these snacks inspire you to enjoy healthy snacking 🙂 I’d love to start posting more lifestyle/health content on this blog aside from beauty and fashion so let me know if I should continue!




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