Welcome to My World!

I decided my first blog post should be a small introduction about myself and why I decided to create my own blog in the first place. Ever since I was small, I loved to read and write. Whether it was reading the Disney classics or reading Greek mythology, I loved to take in the words on the page and envelop the stories in my mind. In turn, I began to love to write and take my own imagination to paper. I got countless awards in elementary school and beyond for my writing and my teachers told my parents in back-to-school night meetings that I had a real talent on my hands. I always took this compliment with a grain of salt to be honest, because I didn’t think reading and writing was “cool” as I grew in to my pre-teens. For a while I lost touch with my writing and reading to be completely honest, but now I’m back and I’m better than ever as they say. After completing my first semester at college and being forced to decide what my actual skills and talents were, I realized that staying up late nights and writing papers an hour before they were due was not my style. I genuinely loved writing papers, whether they were about Veronese’s Mars and Venus in Love for my Art History course or about my own business advice for Microeconomics, I just loved to write and I never procrastinated from that. I now know my strengths, being that I suck at math and science but I’m not too shabby at history and writing, why not play up what I do best. Deciding to minor in journalism became an amazing realization because it showed me that who gives a shit if other people around me find writing “cool” or enjoyable, I have found a niche of people who do and I love writing so why the hell not. Of course since I said I’m minoring in journalism, that means I need a major of course. I’m majoring in fashion, my one true love that I have never taken a break from. I know most fashion enthusiasts will tell people that they just love to shop and they love style and trends, but for me it’s something much more. Ever since I could walk on my own, I had to dress and style myself. Since that moment, my love for fashion has just manifested in different ways. It’s a passion and I feel passionate about following your passions. Now that I have an outlet to write about fashion, along with some beauty and lifestyle, I’m ready to share my life with anyone who is willing to read. Welcome to my world.




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